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  • Provide students with mortarboard and cape to attend the ceremony on their graduation day
  • We help with consultation to begin academic studies
  • We coordinate assistance to people who have not received an appropriate medical consultation to improve health


  • The happiness of giving

  • More students motivated to continue with their academic studies

  • Create a link action with other groups

  • Be useful to the people of the community and the country

The owner


“A small gesture, a small work can change someone else life, because you can give something more important than the help itself: hope."

Who is
Amanda Luz Marin Caps & Gowns Corp

From childhood I was convinced that my best virtue is to be able to help my family and also others; since then I help more people, which as a result make me feel more alive and happy.

In addition to that, every day I direct my attention in helping others who have been abandoned in their medical consultations, also we provide guidance to begin academic studies. Amanda Luz Marin Caps & Gowns her motto is "We are here for you." Our legacy: 30 years of experience in education, health, and public talks. So, get in touch with us and change your life and the life of another person. Meet us in Las Vegas or write to

Thank you for your contribution to the welfare of the community and the country.

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21 N Pecos Rd, Las Vegas, NV, 89101 Ste. 104

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