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  • Complete landscape design plans

  • 3D Design presentation


  • Concrete work/pavers/tile

  • Walls

  • Fire pits/Fireplaces/Barbecues

  • Patio cover structures


  • Complete irrigation systems

  • Drainage systems

  • Planting

  • Low voltage lighting


  • We guarantee the quality of our work

  • Clients satisfaction warranted

  • Professional treatment

  • Competitive prices

Catarino Barron

Catarino was born in Mexico City, but he is from the state of Queretaro, where he lived until he was 14. He then went back to the city of his birth, where he started to work in construction and follow in his father’s footsteps. His dad taught him everything he knew and by the time he was 16, he became a mason and increasingly successful because of his hard work ethic. Shortly after that, Catarino came to the U.S. and took up construction again at the age of 20, becoming a foreman at 22. At that point, he had two dreams: to become a contractor and a U.S. citizen. Both came true through diligent hard work and perseverance. Catarino has used his professional construction and gardening skills to delight clients for over two decades.

Cesar Barron
Landscape Designer
Sales representative

Cesar has been in the landscape/construction industry for more than 15 years. As a kid, you could find him learning the trade at a jobsite spending time with his dad and uncles, all whom shared the same passion for the trade. He would sit and study in detail the process that every installation process underwent. To his advantage, each one of his uncles specialized on different aspects of the construction process. His older uncle was a hardscape subcontractor who specialized on concrete work, walls, fire structures, water features, and patio covers. Another uncle specialized on installing tile, flagstone, stone veneer and stucco work on the hardscape elements. His other uncle took on the job of jobsite planning and hardscape forms. Spending time with these experts was truly helpful, but it’s from his father from whom he has learned the most. His father, the owner of Barron Landscape taught him the process from start to finish of a landscape project. Not only is he an expert on hardscape, but he also excels on the soft scape part of the project.

Barron Landscape

Mission Statement:

Barron Landscape is a family owned and operated design and construction company in business for over 12 years. We have been providing homes in San Diego county with world-class customized landscapes.

Our staff is highly trained and has the necessary experience to carry out our services.

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