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Cartoon Custom Mascots

We are a company dedicated to the creation of mascots for business, we have more than 20 years of experience serving large and small companies.
Among our clients there are brands like Walmart, Sony Music, Chad Crimson and many more in different lines like pizza stores, schools, pharmacies. We can make mascots of characters, artists, animals and everything that your business needs and as far as your imagination arrives. We can serve anywhere in the world.
At Custom Cartoon Mascot, we make mascots according to your specifications. We can work from a drawing, photo, or vivid description of what you want. We will work closely, by providing you with visuals by email. When the mascot is in predesign state, we send you photos for your approval or to make the changes you desire. We can even send you videos of the progress.

We create mascots for your business in US and all around the world.


  • We offer a service of the highest quality

  • We create the closest thing to what you want

  • We pay attention to every detail to achieve excellence

  • We use the highest quality materials and easy to clean

  • We work and ship to any part of the world

  • They are light and comfortable to wear

How does a mascot
help improve my business?

It is a wonderful tool that can be of great help thanks to the following actions:

  1. Put it next to the road to attract more people
  2. Take her to the parades of the city
  3. Put her to deliver flyers
  4. Organize special events with her
  5. Use it in your ads and advertising

Having a mascot will always have a greater impact on your customers, and especially on their children, who will look for a photo with it, positioning your business better in their minds. It is an excellent tool for public relations and make all your events and special sales become a success.


  • We make all custom mascot costumes you see on this page:
    • Dog
    • DJ
    • Snake
    • Goose
    • Trash can
    • Credit card
    • Alien
    • Girl and boy
    • Skater
    • Star
    • Orange
    • Hamburger
    • Truck
    • Twinky
    • Spark
    • Tooth
    • Ravioli
    • Tornado
    • French fries
    • Potato and more!

The owner


“We have the best way to boost your business, come closer to real professionals. We will make your ideas come true."

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USA and all around the world


(956) 566-0882
(956) 271-2602

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