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We are an authorized distributor of Kyäni products for 12 years, we help you improve your lifestyle, providing nutritional wellbeing to you and millions around the world. Kyäni combines the most powerful super foods in the world to create the most compelling organic nutritional supplements in the industry, try them!

Improve your lifestyle with Kyäni products, we are an authorized distributor, feel happy and more alive than ever; find us in Los Angeles, CA.

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KYÄNI Organic Food supplements 

Aloe vera

Sour cranberry

Wild Alaskan cranberry



Red raspberries



Bee pollen

Seed/grape skin

Purple grapes


Healthy digestion

Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels

Helps maintain proper circulation

Helps reduce inflammation

Improves sexual health

Supports cardiovascular health

Supports cognitive functions e

Improve your quality of life with Kyäni

Your health comes first

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