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  • Shrimp, chicken and beef fajitas
  • Mole poblano and mole verde served with rice and beans
  • Herradura (onions, chile manzano, mushrooms, salt, pepper and beef steak) served with rice, beans and salad
  • Creamy shrimps
  • A la diabla shrimps
  • Shrimp cocktail
  • A big variety of mexican food
  • We provide an excellent place for you to enjoy your meal, lunch and dinner


  • Authentic mexican flavor

  • Affordable prices

  • We use olive oil in some of our dishes

  • Low-fat dishes

  • Come and create your own dish

  • Insured and licensed business

The owner


"Excellent is the word to define our food; you will find what you are looking for: the authentic mexican flavor. That’s a sure bet!"

Gabby's Cuisine

Our story began in 2004. Today, we can say that we are experts in the food area, giving you the experience of feeling Mexico and its delicious flavors on your palate, using the original recipes that have made mexican kitchen famous. Come and try our dishes, it will be a pleasant experience; we have insurance and license.

Gabby's Cuisine has an excellent offer in authentic mexican food; we are insured and we have County and State registration.

Italian special on weekends

Service offered in
Murphys, CA