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This law firm was stablished in 1997 by Janie C. Castañeda.

Janie got her college degree at University of Texas in 1984 after she got her bachelor’s degree in Communications/Language. Janie worked as an inssurance lawyer before deciding that the injured worker needed a better legal representation.

Many times, she witnessed how injured workers received less than what it was lawfully right from the inssurance companies, because their lawyers didn’t understand the value of the case. She also witnessed how hispanic workers couldn’t communicate effectively with their attourneys because they didn´t speak spanish. Her mission is to provide her clients with the best legal representation and to obtain the maximun benefits possible, all in spanish.

Her success is due to the knowlegde of how important to inssurace companies this cases are, she communicates effectively with her clients and she will fight agressively for your case. Each case is evaluated to make sure that injured clients are well compensated and that all medical services are being paid and provided from the insurance companies.

Janie specializes in clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries like spine and brain injuries. If you had a love one who passed away as a work accident consecuence, we will fight for your benefits. Being hurt while working may change someone´s life. Let us help you picking up the broken pieces on your recovery road.

I used to work for insurance companies, now I fight for you!

Especialized in worker’s compensation and personal damage reclaims.

Legal Assistance and Representation at: Employment Rights, Accidents, Law, Justice, Injuries, Compensation, Labor Law, Civil Law, Traffic Accidents, Indemnification, Labor Law Code, Work Accidents, Personal Injuries, Graves Injuries and Family Assistance.

Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Claims.

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