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Molding and installation of hardwood floor for:

  • Kitchen
  • Showers
  • Countertops
  • Customizing colors
  • Sale of hardwood floors


  • We guarantee 100% our work
  • We provide high quality services
  • We use only the best materials
  • We work with kindness and respect
  • We are licensed (# 72042)
  • We have fair and accessible prices

The owner


"The work will be carried out for your satisfaction and in the specified time. You will be very pleased and delighted with us. We are very detail oriented and always ready to start the work."

J&J Moldings and Flooring

J&J Moldings and Flooring is a company founded in 2007, with high quality standards and a genuine interest in giving our best in flooring services day by day.

Our main interest is the satisfaction of our clients, we look for this to be absolute and that their recommendations help us to continue growing and positioning ourselves as the best flooring company in La Puente, CA.

The quality of our work is guaranteed and we have a license. Because of our excellence, we offer services to more than 50 companies.

Since 2007, J&J Moldings and Flooring has positioned itself as the most reliable company in floor installation, thanks to its excellence and unparalleled services in La Puente, CA.

Service offered in
La Puente, CA