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  • Wholesale and retail of parts for trucks and trailers
  • Mechanic
  • Bushing installation
  • Manufacture and repair of all kinds of AC and high-pressure hydraulic hoses
  • Fan clutch and water pumps construction
  • We have all kinds of fittings
  • Delivery service in the local area


  • Quality accessories

  • Guaranteed jobs

  • Excellent customer service

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • Proven experience

The owner


“At South Gate Truck Parts we are very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. We’ll be happy to work for you and you will experience our excellent service”.

South Gate Truck Parts

Our mission
Meet the needs of our customers by providing quality products and services at a competitive price; at the same time satisfy the profitability needs of the shareholders, based on the experience and ability of our human resource integrated in a teamwork.

Our vision: To become an organization thinking and believing in the continuous improvement. In accordance with the values and people’s principles, with right attitude and faith in God, we will give an outstanding service to our clients.

Our values
Quality: Looking for possible perfection in things, service and work, based on the idea that can be achieved, eliminating defects and imperfections

Creativity: Vision and capacity for invention and innovation, giving life to new things or reconsider what is done, in order to open new ways for thinking, acting and improve.

Excellence: A grade of perfection which is expected to be achieved in terms of what is done and who is doing it, the pursuit of the highest goal. Be the best at work and any aspect of our personal life.

Strength: Firmness or strength that allows a person to overcome difficulties, fears and misfortunes that can arise.

Leadership: Ability to assume the responsibility to lead others to the effective achievement of their collective and individual goals, influence on them, to share their values and vision, good example, creativity, initiative spirit and service, effective communication, and promoting the teamwork.

Productivity: Be constant and persistent in the efforts of sales by phone, counter or with assigned tasks; in order to achieve dialy higher levels of production, through a passionate devotion about what we do.

Profitability: For each sale or negotiation achieve the satisfaction of our customers, so that through the repetitive sales, we can increase the profits of the company; considering the utility margins and established discounts policies.

Honest: Act with honesty and transparency at any moment; rejecting any incorrect proposal that goes against our principles and ethical values, moral and spiritual.
Respect: Treat with respect our customers, partners and ourselves, through a decent behaviour and respect for the opinions, beliefs or values of others.

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