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  • We work in:
    • Events
    • Breakfasts
    • Foods

  • We have:
    • Taquizas
    • Antojitos
    • Tortas ahogadas y más

  • We serve out of Orland, CA with three days in advance*


  • We use only fresh and clean ingredients
  • We guarantee our service and excellent taste
  • We have handmade tortillas
  • We provide excellent customer service
  • We have the authentic mexican flavor
  • We cook the dishes at the moment

The owner


"We are an excellent restaurant. Our food, service and atmosphere are fantastic."

Taquería Don Sammy y La Perla De Occidente

For 9 months, in Taqueria Don Sammy and La Perla De Occidente we have been worried about bringing to our clients palate the authentic mexican flavor.
The quality and dedication in the food preparation has consecrated us as the favorite restaurant of our clients in the area of Orland, CA. We have the best tortas ahogadas in the area!

Mexican restaurant in Orland, CA.

15 miles around home deliveries (minimum purchase of $ 25.99) Make phone orders and pick them up when you indicate!

Service offered in
Orland, CA


(530) 988-3150
La Perla de Occidente

(530) 988-3154
Taqueria Don Sammy

(928) 219-6440

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