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"Thank you for the speed and professionalism of their work. My furniture had never been better."


  • Teak cleaning

  • Teak and deck restoration

  • Teak furniture

  • Wooden deck

  • Patio power washing

  • Outdoor furniture

About Teak&Deck Cleaning Professional San Diego

If you have a wooden deck that looks damaged, a set of tables and chairs in your garden that hasn't the shine it used to have before or you just want to bring back the color of your floor, we are your solution, we take care of restoring and cleaning your teak and wood furnitures. We are a qualified and committed business to our customers. We use the best products for concrete or field staining. The quality of the service, the excellent prices and the guarantee of our work make us your best option. We are the best in the area!


  • Stains on concrete and field

  • Work quality, price and warranty

  • We are the best in the area at a good price

  • We use the best products to the field or wood staining



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