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Health and personal care service

  • Zero Xtreme (dietary supplement) $80 dollars
  • Biotin $20 dollars
  • Omega 3 $22 dollars
  • Vitamin B12 $16 dollars
  • Molding strips $36 dollars
  • Vitamins for blood lobes
  • Nutrient for nails, hair and skin


  • Our products are very effective

  • We have a very helpful deal

  • Always available

  • Punctuality

  • Seriousness


The owner


“Our products solve any aesthetic or clinical inconformity you may have. There are clients who want to cure their baldness and we help them or, for example, nutrients for the whole body.”

Triple Action

We have 12 years of experience providing beauty and health products with the highest quality. These products offer multiple benefits, such as Zero Xtreme: helps reducing appetite, controls anxiety, tones muscle mass and reduces measures. Or the Biotin that helps with hair and nail growth maintaining a healthy and luminous skin.

The Omega 3 is a fatty acid that improves the performance and focus of the brain and B12, which is a nutrient that helps the neurons and blood lobes.

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Company dedicated to the health and personal care service in Kissimmee, Florida.

- After $45 dollars the shipping is free
- 2 zero xtreme $150.00
- 1 zero xtreme + Body shaper NOW $100.00
-zen extrem $150.00
-zen extrem molding strips $100.00

Service offered in
Kissimmee, FL