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  • Vehicle washing (Trucks, cars and vans)
  • Acid wash
  • Decal’s remove
  • Detailed washing with hot water and steam
  • Interior carpet cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Water stains removal
  • Floors, sidewalks and warehouses cleaning


  • State license

  • Guaranteed work

  • Availability

  • Affordable prices

  • Capable and kind staff

The owner


“People praise our service because we work as fast as we can, delivering incredible results, your vehicle will shine after we wash it and you won’t have that horrible stains again.”

Mobile Super Wash

Our main goal is to provide you an incredible service, we will wash every spot of your car and it will look impeccable. At Mobile Super Wash we have different kinds of vehicle washing, but the result will always be the same: A perfect cleaning. Contact us and ask for our wholesale discount.

We have 7 years of experience in the industry and we provide the best and quickest service in Merced, CA; we wash any kind of car or truck in order to meet your needs.

Wholesale discount

Service offered in
Merced, CA and surrounding areas


(559) 416-3733

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