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  • 5 gallon detergent buckets that yield up to 600 loads

  • Concentrated products

  • Products formulated to work harmoniously with all types of washing machines


  • We offer you high quality and performance products
  • We guarantee the performance of the detergent
  • With us, you pay less for more product!
  • Optimize your laundry time
  • Our product is an invitation to embellish your clothes

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"We offer a wonderful experience to our customers, thanks to the high quality of our products. You will fully enjoy the benefits of using Ultra King Detergent."

Ultra King Detergent

Ultra King Detergent is a concentrated liquid soap of the highest quality, designed to combat dirt on all fabrics types and perform to the fullest, even on the heaviest loads. Thanks to its fantastic formula, our product has the attribute of being an aggressive detergent in the battle against stains and is capable of yielding up to 600 loads per 5 gallon bucket.
The quality level of Ultra King Detergent is on par with the biggest brands in the market, and is designed to work with all types of washing machines, including H.E; this represents an important benefit for you and your economy. Meet us, you will not regret it.

Experts on liquid laundry detergent gallons selling. Pay less and get more product! We are for you in Stockton, CA and surroundings.

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