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Get a smart start to your lighting project.

Why should you consider a lighting upgrade?

There are many reasons to consider upgraded lighting in your facility.
Below is a list of points to consider when you are deciding whether or not
a new lighting system is right for you.

  • Would you like to reduce energy usage in your business?
  • Are you looking for an investment to enhance your building value?
  • Are you interested in reducing your operating costs, while maintaining or increasing light quality?

What are the benefits of better lighting?

Aside from energy savings and reduced overhead, clients who are conserving energy also benefit from better light quality, improved safety on site and even increased productivity.

We specialize in putting together “the right project for you”.We want you to save energy and meet all the lighting needs of your facility.

ULS's current clients are satisfied by the work of our lighting retrofit projects and it’s our goal to make sure you are, too.