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  • Residential landscaping service

  • Tree pruning

  • Shrub pruning

  • Tree removal

  • Stump grinding


  • We have experience since 2003

  • We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction

  • We have special instruments for each type of service

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“We are always looking to reinvent ourselves every day. The result is a landscaping service focused on good relationships with our customers.”

Zacarias Tree & Landscaping Inc

Tree have the ability to take over your yard if they´re not taken care of properly. it´s extremely important to hire an expert who can come in and take care of your trees trimmed you not only increase your curb appeal but you also improve your safety. Keep your trees healthy and avoid falling limbs by calling Zacarias Tree Service.

Zacarias Tree & Landscaping Inc offers you a complete residential and commercial tree service.

10% veterans discount

Service offered in
north and south of Boston


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